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It also contains a reminder that an Unemployment Insurance claim is subject to an administrative review and can result in a reconsideration of the claimant's eligibility for benefits.  A new version of the form that was mailed to claimants for the 2 benefit year contains an additional section for administrative review and the new DE 4585. Unemployment Insurance Appeals — It is up to claimants to file an appeal with the State of Illinois, if they feel they are not eligible for unemployment insurance or if it should be changed.  State of Illinois, Employment Security Administration, and state departments of social services are authorized to investigate and resolve appeals, if any, and may provide an explanation of the decision to the claimant, or other third parties. Claimants can also contact private unemployment insurance agencies to request unemployment insurance benefits if the claimant believes that the unemployment compensation benefits they are receiving exceed the amount.

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Benefits. If you received a notice to report your income on Schedule C of the Form W-2, you may claim certain tax credits for Social Security and Medicare taxes you paid before you withdrew from the program. The amount you may claim will depends on whether you had worked before withdrawing, worked more than 14 days or a combination of the two. To claim the credits, check the box on the Form W-2. You can take this deduction for up to 12 months after you withdraw and are claiming the credits. If you had no employer-provided health insurance, the first 2,000 in cash and medical benefits you received would be included. The following deductions are limited to a maximum of 3,000: Social Security and Medicare taxes paid by you, your spouse or dependent who worked for you in the preceding year, if you made the payment on time, are deducted and are limited.

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Agency. You must include the certified application along with a completed Cover Letter. If you certify by mail, you are required to have your Social Security Number on File with the agency in order to qualify. This form states that, “This DE is to be used only by individuals for whom no other method of benefit is available. If you are using the information contained in this DE to file a claim for disability benefits, you may be prosecuted for filing an incorrect or misleading claim. This information cannot be used by any person for any purpose, except to file a claim with the Social Security Administration. If you do not pay into the Social Security system the full amount you are entitled to, and if you do not submit any information to the Social Security Administration (SSA) or provide any information concerning the basis of a claim, this form.

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